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Our customers span every facet of the food service industry, from independent restaurants and chains to retail, hotels, caterers, e-commerce and more. We work to understand the unique challenges of each customer and provide powerful solutions.

Product Categories

Butchery is the skilled craft of preparing and selling meat products. It involves the precision cutting, processing, and merchandising of meat, ensuring quality and safety standards are met.
cold dishes are culinary creations served chilled, showcasing diverse flavors and textures. These refreshing plates often feature salads, marinated proteins, or cold appetizers, offering a delightful contrast to warm or hot dishes in a meal.
"Hotpot Specialty" refers to a culinary specialty where raw ingredients are cooked in a simmering broth at the dining table, offering a communal and customizable dining experience.
"Ready to Eat" denotes food that is prepared and requires no further cooking, making it convenient for immediate consumption.
A "Retail Product" is an item intended for sale directly to consumers, typically packaged and labeled for individual purchase in stores or online
A "Retort Product" refers to food that has undergone heat sterilization in a sealed container, ensuring its preservation and safety for an extended shelf life.
"Dessert" is a sweet course typically served at the end of a meal. It encompasses a wide variety of treats such as cakes, pastries, and ice cream, providing a delightful conclusion to a dining experience.
Soup is a savory liquid dish made by boiling ingredients like vegetables, meat, or legumes. It often includes broth, spices, and herbs, creating a flavorful and nourishing meal.
"Proxy food refers to synthetic or alternative food products designed to mimic traditional counterparts, often using plant-based or lab-grown ingredients to replicate taste and texture.

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